Month: November 2018

Belle Glade Impact Windows

Belle Glade is a beautiful city in the great state of Florida. This city is still young compared to some of the other towns. This city is located as part of Palm Beach County and is in the southeastern part of the state. According to the latest Census, the population of this city is just over 17,000 people.

The properties of Belle Glade and large and spacious. This is a highly desired area since it is located right outside of the busy town of Palm Beach. While the city offers a lot of beauty and relaxation it is still at risk for hurricanes and tropical storms. If you live in Belle Glade you need to protect your home. Our impact windows can offer you this protection from the weather and allow you to enjoy your home.

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Hurricanes and tropical storms are part of life on the coastline of Florida. Popular forms of hurricane protection include the use of aluminum shutters, boarding up the windows before the storm, and using accordion shutters, which has many issues and problems, impact windows are the clear choice for year round protection. If you have tried to install window protection on your own, you know that is it not easy to get them up before the storm and it is difficult to take them down once the storm is over with. Shutters and boards will also obstruct the view you have to the outside of your home and no light from the sun will be able to enter your house. Accordion shutters still need to be closed before the storm and after and this can be dangerous for hard to reach areas in addition to being unsightly to look at year round.

Impact windows installed by Belle Glade Impact Windows look just like any other window you would find in your home. Impact windows can withstand the impact of strong hurricane winds and can save the inside of your home. They have a high impact rating and will also keep burglars out of the home at any time of the year. These windows are installed by professionals. They will give your home additional security no matter what reason it is. If you are looking to sell your home these impact windows can increase the value.

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Impact windows are the best choice for standing up to the strong windows of a hurricane or a tropical storm.

High impact windows in Belle Glade can protect the home from the strongest hurricane winds. They still operate and look like regular household windows.

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According to information provided by the Hurricane Research Division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 40 percent of all hurricanes that reach the United States hit the state of Florida. There is no time like the present to protect your home and your property. Give us a call today at 561-258-9833. We will give you a quote on high impact windows complete with professional installation and your home in Belle Glade will remain beautiful and safe all year long.

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